for decarbonisation and climate neutrality

Technological innovation

We develop large-scale electrolysers to be used in full-scale hydrogen generation. Our electrolysers are designed to be modular and scalable. Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing

We designed our electrolyser production plant using state-of-the-art technology for process automation.

Integration and flexibility

We integrate the complete electrolysis system, tailoring the solution to each customer's specific needs. We’re experts in integrating the system with renewable energy sources and storage systems, with expert knowledge in connection to the electricity grid.

Operation and maintenance

We provide our customers with after-sales support, as well as operation and maintenance services to secure maximum performance from the electrolysis system.
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Advantages of Green Hydrogen

  •  Renewable energy

    •  Stored

      •  High energy efficiency

        •  Environmentally responsible

          •  Climate change mitigation

            •  Leading technologies

              •  Employment generation

                •  Energy transition partners



  • Iberdrola

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