Design and engineering of production plants for hydrogen by electrolysis

From the conceptualisation to the design and development of production plants, at IberLyzer we use our experience, knowledge and cutting-edge technology to design production plants for hydrogen by electrolysis.

Our skills mean that we can be modular and scalable to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. We tailor the ideal solution to each customer's specific needs for the production of hydrogen, covering the entire value chain.

Supply of electrolysis systems

The efficiency and versatility of our technology allows us to respond to the current decarbonisation needs of the economy.

We apply the perspective of energy efficiency and sustainability for electrolysis systems to our proposals.

We supply electrolysis systems with the highest quality and reliability standards that foster our customers' energy transition.

Installation of electrolysis systems

The sustainability challenges faced by companies are leading them to implement new processes that take into account energy and environmental variables.

We scale the installation of electrolysis systems in order to tailor to the reality of companies that want to use hydrogen as an energy source.

Hydrogen storage systems

One of the many advantages of hydrogen is that it allows energy to be stored on a large scale. Compressed hydrogen tanks can store energy for long periods of time, allowing for its subsequent use for other needs and at times other than its production.

The energy transition calls for a rapid development of technologies and processes to convert and store energy. Our hydrogen storage systems respond directly to foster the energy transition and ensure the competitive advantage of companies committed to hydrogen as an energy source.

Operation and maintenance of hydrogen facilities

At IberLyzer we provide our customers with after-sales support. A personalised service of continuous operation and maintenance of equipment to secure the maximum performance of hydrogen facilities.

Our after-sales service and capabilities mean that we can foresee possible incidents, minimising risks, providing highly efficient responses to any possible situation, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



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